The headquarters iswhat provides the out of game administration and leadership of the unit. These positions hold no rank, and do not necessarily correlate to positions and leadership in game.

The 1st Brigade MILSIM Unit is overseen by the Chief Commanding Officer’s Office (CCO’s Office). The CCO’s Office is responsible for oversight of the unit, management of the unit, and providing support to all areas of the unit. The Headquarters is primarily responsible for out of game administration of the unit.

The CCO’s Office is made up of 2-3 people: (Combination of the below)

  • Chief Commanding Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer

Staff Sections provide specalised administrative support in different areas that are required for 1st Brigades operations.
The sections lead by a Senior Staff and a Junior Staff. Additional staff are accepted at the discretion of the section leadership.

Staff Section 1

Public Relations and Human Resources
Staff Section One (S1) administers our personnel database, manages initial recruiting, manages the reserve corps and deals with leaves of absences.

Staff Section 2

Technical Administration
Staff Section Two (S2) administers our website, TeamSpeak server and game servers.

Staff Section 3

Realism Research
Staff Section Three (S3) administer our training documentation, ensuring it is as realistic as it can be.

Staff Section 4

Training and Recruit Management
Staff Section Four (S4) manage all our basic training and specialist courses while overseeing recruits and ensuring their integration into the unit is smooth.

Staff Section 5

Mission Creation, Standards and Logistics
Staff Section Five (S5) create our missions, ensure they are kept to a high standard and keep track of our assets we still have available in a deployment.


While deployed, the unit operates as a Battlegroup.
The Battlegroup is commanded by the Colonel of the primary regiment or battalion in a deployment, usually 7RAR.
The composition of the Battlegroup is fluid, and can contain attachments from other brigades.

The 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR) are a Mechanised Infantry battalion. They are our primary operational force, with 2 deployable companies while at full strength.

Alpha Company is the infantry battalion, providing standard infantry platoons.

Sierra Company is the support company, providing specialised infantry platoons alongside transport and logistics.

More information on 7RAR can be found on our wiki here.

The 1st Armoured Regiment (1AR) provide us with M1A1 Abrams tanks, and ASLAV Light Armoured Vehicles.

Alpha Squadron is equipped with 3 troops of ASLAVs.

Bravo Squadron is equipped with 3 troops of M1A1 Abrams’.

More information on 1AR can be found on our wiki here.

The 5th Aviation Regiment (5 Avn Regt) from the 16th Aviation Brigade operate a troop of Taipan helicopters from the Alpha Squadron.