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Q: Are you a "yes sir, no sir" unit?
A: Short answer, yes. Longer Answer, we strive to have the most realistic experience possible. Forms of address are not enforced out of game, but in game we expect that you make an effort. We will not pull you up if you make a mistake, as long we can see you're making an effort.
Q: Do you have an age requirement?
A: Yes, 17 is the minimum age requirement.
Q: Do you have a mod-set?
A: Yes, we use the ArmA 3 Launcher Mods Presets. You will be given the preset upon being accepted into the unit.
Q: Is training mandatory?
A: Yes, and if that is a sticking point, this really isn't the unit for you.
Q: Do you have 3rd Person Mode?
A: No, and again, if this is a sticking point for you, this isn't the unit for you.

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