• 1st Brigade ArmA 3 MILSIM Rules
    This is an extract from point 6. Standing Orders
    Updated: 07/21/2019 03:14 PM
    1.0 General Community Rules
    1.1 Behave in a mature manner.
    1.2 Be a friendly, non-aggressive person.
    1.3 Respect others.
    1.4 Your name in Teamspeak, Discord and ArmA must be your rank, followed by an initial and a last name. Some awards allow a postnominal to be added to someone's name, although this should not be used in game. This doesn’t need to be your real name, although it does need to be serious and realistic. I.E. Pte J.Doe Guests to the server do not need to follow this rule, although their names should be reasonable.
    1.5 Do not rage quit from Teamspeak or Operations.
    1.6 Do not abuse any user rights, whether that is on Teamspeak, Discord, ArmA or any other platform used within the unit.
    1.7 Do not advertise any other groups or servers via the 1st Brigade’s communication platforms without approval from the CCO’s office.
    1.8 Do not use offensive channel names in TeamSpeak.
    1.9 Do not poach members from our unit via any medium.
    1.10 Any disrespectful or generally unreasonable conduct could result in disciplinary actions as decided by your superiors.
    1.11 Do not poke senior officers more than once, wait patiently in their corresponding waiting rooms - this is because they are probably working on something the 1st Brigade related and don't want to be disturbed, so try to see if another NCO can help you before going all the way to HQ.
    1.12 Do not post any x-rated, gorey or otherwise disrespectful images, including TS3 avatars.
    1.13 Not to overuse the poke function or spam chat messages.
    1.14 You are to declare if you are in another MILSIM unit to staff section 1.
    2.0 Attendance and Leave:
    2.1 Attendance during Friday operations should be at least 75% if you have a position in the ORBAT. If you are a reserve, attendance should be at least 50%. If you are not able to attend required operations, you should contact your superior or someone from Staff Section 1.
    2.2 You are to play in your role as stated in the ORBAT unless otherwise authorised by the appropriate superior.
    2.3 If you need to take more than 3 weeks off, you should contact Staff Section 1 for an official Leave of Absence (LoA).
    2.3.1 People on a LoA will be put in the Reserves.
    2.4 Any member who is absent without notifying Staff Section 3 for more than 4 weeks will be marked as Away Without Leave (AWOL). If you do not return in 2 weeks, you will be discharged.
    2.5 Any Discharged members who wish to come back, will need to apply via the forum and depending on the length of absence may need to redo training. Promotions and appointments may not be available for this returning member. Any returning members however, can retain his accolades from previous times within the 1st Brigade.
    3.0 Use of 1st Brigade Servers
    3.1 You are not permitted to be on a the 1st Brigade server without a trainer, NCO or officer present. 
    3.2 While on the 1st Brigade servers outside of operations, at least one person in your group should have a long range radio tuned to channel 1 to allow for communication with other people on the server. 
    3.3 If requested to leave the server by Intelligence personnel or training personnel so they can make operations or conduct training, do so.
    4.0 Operation Rules:
    4.1 You are to address people by their appropriate rank. 
    4.1.1 Officers should be addressed by their rank or as Sir/Ma’am. 
    4.1.2 Enlisted personnel should be addressed as their rank e.g, Yes Corporal, Private Jones move there. 
    4.2 You are not to salute on the battlefield. Further information on the forms of address can be found here: Forms of Address 
    4.3 Adhere to the chain of command. 
    4.4 Follow your orders, and act accordingly. If no orders are given to you, you should request them if necessary. 
    4.4.1 If you disagree with an order, you should save discussion until the debrief. 
    4.5 Do not get any additional gear, whether that be from boxes, the arsenal or dead bodies unless authorized by the appropriate superior. 
    4.6 Boxes in the FOB are not to be touched without the specific authorisation from Intelligence. 
    4.7 All members who took part in an operation are required to participate in the debrief unless otherwise dismissed. This includes people who died, or had technical problems. If you have to go urgently, you are to message your superior. 
    4.8 Respawning is strictly prohibited, unless the death is due to a technical problem and the respawn has been authorised by Intelligence. 
    4.9 If you miss the start of an operation, you can not join in progress unless Intelligence can incorporate it into the operation realistically. 
    4.10 Do not intentionally harm or kill civilians, surrendering combatants or Prisoners of War (POWs). All international laws of war are to be followed. 
    4.11 Do not engage in fratricide (friendly fire). 
    4.12 If you have a game glitch, or have to disconnect due to a real world emergency, poke your superior on TeamSpeak saying so. 
    4.13 Do not use in-game VON, text chat, steam or any other medium to communicate during an operation. All communications should be done verbally, via ACRE. 
    4.14 Do not misuse any vehicles or equipment. 
    4.15 Do not operate any vehicles or equipment you are not trained in. 
    4.16 Do not use any unauthorised equipment. All loadouts are not to be modified unless authorised other than previously authorised cosmetic gear. 
    4.17 Be mindful of negligent discharges (ND) of your weapon and grenades by ensuring your weapon is “down” and unloaded when in base and that your grenade key bindings are adjusted to less likely be thrown accidentally, as well as changing to non lethal grenades. 
    4.18 Respect and obey our ADF traditions and lineage. 
    4.19 Do not spam the radio or map markers. 
    4.20 No ‘Lone Wolfing’, ‘End of Game Finale’ or similar unprofessional behaviours, be responsible at all times 
    4.21 As a passenger in a transport vehicle, chatter is to be kept to a minimum. 
    4.22 Remain silent during briefings and debriefings unless you have been given permission to speak (PTS).
    5.0 Commitment to Roles:
    5.1 In anticipation for any prolonged leave from the 1st Brigade, NCOs, Officers, and staff section members must ensure that they delegate their duties and responsibilities (if applicable) to an another person. 
    5.2 If you hold the rank of LCpl or above, or hold a position in 1BDEHQ, you are not to be be in any other MILSIM groups. Equally, if you hold a leadership position in another unit, you are not allowed to be a member of our unit. All dual clanning must be declared.