Our Vision

We are a serious unit based in Australia and New Zealand that emulate the 1st Brigade of the Australian Army. This is our primary focus, and what sets us apart from other units in the region.

Currently, we emulate the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and the 1st Armoured Regiment, although we’re open to emulating any other parts of the 1st Brigade if there is enough demand in the future.

This unit has been in the works for the better part of a year first, starting operations in Q3 2018. We pride ourselves on our community driven, transparent and concurrences based governance structure enabling us to avoid most drama found within gaming communities.

Our Vision

After playing in may other MILSIM communities in the region, we found that there was a space for a truely no compromises unit.

We want our unit to be as accurate as it can be within ArmA 3. While we don’t have everything perfect currently, we are committed to improving it in any way we can.

Why Us?

Many other units pride themselves on not having strict MILSIM rules like addressing people by rank, or just following organisation structure. We pride ourselves on being the one place that offers the opposite. We honestly believe that our community is the most immersive, realistic and authentic experience you can get because of that.

Our Deployments

We only deploy into places that the ADF have previously deployed into in the last 2 decades for realism purposes. This means that you wont find us fighting Russia or China.

Our deployments generally last 3-4 months on the same map. We follow a story line, that has each mission make sense and tie into the general purpose of the deployment.
We also have a limited amount of vehicles, and specialised equipment that we can loose, meaning that if we loose a M1A1 Abrams tank, that is a serious thing that could effect our operational capabilities for weeks until we can get a resupply. This causes people to think more carefully about what they do, knowing that their actions have consequences outside just one nights mission.

We also provide detailed SMEACs for each deployment, giving backstory, detailed information about the area and explanation about any other forces we have access to.

Ranks and Awards

All our ranks are realistic, and are only held by people in a position at the time. This means that once someone is nolonger in a position that entitles them to a rank, they return to Private. This prevents what often occurs in other units where the majority of people playing have ranks well above the position they are playing.

Another way we ensure immersion in this area is by making in-game ranks specific to the current role meaning that if a Lieutenant Colonel is playing as a standard rifleman in a section, they would take the rank of Private for that operation and would be treated as such.

We also take pride on having a realistic and rewarding award structure meaning that people are respected for the effort and dedication that they have put into the unit. We have awards for in-game achievements, out-of-game achievements, and deployments. These all add to having a more rewarding enviroment.

When Do We play?

We have 2 missions a week.

– Friday 7pm AEST – This is the primary mission, and is what is counted towards you attendance requirements.
– Saturday 7pm AEST – This is the secondary mission, and while it is still just as serious and still follows the same campaign it does not affect your attendance.

Attendance during Friday operations should be at least 75% if you have a position in the ORBAT. If you are a reserve, attendance should be at least 50%. More information on attendance can be found in the rules under section 2.

If you are in an ORBAT assigned position, you may have additional training nights required, although this is to be negotiated with your superior.