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    The 1st Brigade, Australian Army MILSIM Unit was started after us seeing a real opening in the Oceanic region. We strive to be as realistic as possible, emulating the real world unit to the best of our ability. 

    This unit is not for everyone, but if have a love for immersion and simulation, think you may be interested in joining the ADF in the future, or are ex/current serving we are definitely the unit for you.

    We are a well established unit, having had our doors open since September 2018, and been developed for well over a year prior.

    We follow the real world organisational structure, rank structure and procedures to the best of our ability, but also note that if we are doing something wrong we will change it if made aware.
    I have confidence in saying that we are the only zero compromises ArmA 3 MILSIM unit in the Oceanic region.

    I look forward to joining you on the battlefield soon!


    LtCol L.Thompson
    Commanding Officer, 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

    Who We Simulate

    Our unit is structured around a plausible makeup of a 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Battlegroup (5 RAR BG). Our primary pool of forces comes from the 1st Brigade, although some assets are required from other brigades to ensure operational effectiveness.

    5 RAR.png

    5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

    At the core of our unit is the motorised infantry battalion, 5 RAR. They provide us with the Battlegroup's headquarters and administrative functions alongside the core membership in operations. We operate two companies, the Bravo Company providing us with our standard infantry platoons and heavy weapons, and the Support Company providing us with specialist assets like mortars, snipers and reconnaissance.

    Primarily 5 RAR infantry deploy using Bushmaster PMVs although do also utilise helicopters provided by the 5 Avn Regt.

    6 ESR.png

    6th Engineer Support Regiment

    One of our most critical supporting elements is provided by the 6 ESR. We utilise the 20th EOD Squadron to provide us with all of our explosives handling needs. An EOD Section generally operates just as a standard section would, albeit with only 4 people, but is also there to detect and defuse IEDs and detonate charges as needed.

    1 AR.png

    1st Armoured Regiment

    A flagship component of our unit is the 1 AR. We utilise the Alpha Squadron of M1A1 Main Battle Tanks giving us overwhelming firepower to assert complete dominance over the area of operations.

    5 Avn Regt.png

    5th Aviation Regiment

    The 5 Avn Regt provide us with many critical support assets. Operating a mixed troop of MRH-90 Taipan Medium Utility Helicopters and CH-47F Heavy-Lift Helicopters enabling us to insert infantry assets into the battlefield irrespective of ground infrastructure and offering critical resupply and MEDEVAC/CASEVAC support.

    Our Operations

    We hold operations every week on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm AEDT with the Friday Operation being considered the 'primary' with the most story influencing missions and the Saturday night being considered the 'secondary'. For our members holding a position in the ORBAT, it is expected that you will make a reasonable effort to attend 75% of Friday Night Operations unless prior arrangements have been made.

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